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06/03/2008: "Wool City Knickers Now Online"
Okay, got the pictures taken and the web page redone, so the Wool City Knickers are online and available now (sharing the page with their hempen brethren).

A good companion to the Hemp City Knickers, these have the same cut and sizing but are made of 100% wool gabardine, similar to the cloth we use for our Classic Wool Knickers but in a beautiful deep forest green.

Not quite so casual as the Hemp version, and of course they are best hand-washed cold or dry cleaned, but they breathe better than the Hemp (or anything else!) and are suitable for both hotter and colder temperatures. They also resist abrasion better.

We've made only a few, but if folks like them, we'll make plenty more.

Take a look: Wool City Knickers

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