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06/12/2007: "Knickers, Hats, Whatever...."
Naturally, there has been the standard delay at the sewing factory, so we probably won't start shipping backorders of our Classic Wool Knickers till Monday, for which I apologize. This also means that the release of the Hemp City Knickers may be knocked back a week or so...we'll see, and I'll keep you updated.

Better news is that we may finally have found a factory (albeit a tiny one) to produce the upcoming James Black Hat! The sample should be done this weekend, and if all goes well we'll start production a week or two after.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting to hear from what may be a viable supplier of merino for the jersey project--the last one I found was priced so high I wouldn't have been able to sell the product, at least not to anyone of sound mind.

And we're conceptualizing the hemp touring shorts and a possible rough-stuff knicker too, so this may be a busy year here at Bicycle Fixation!

Oh, yeah, and still ranting and raving about bikes, cars, sprawl, the environment, truth; justice, and the American Way; and all that. So stay tuned!

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