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06/02/2007: "Carfree Suburb in Germany"
Yes, in a heavily industrialized nation even wealthier than the US, people, politicians, and planners are actually making sense! Vauban, a suburb (yes) of Freiburg, was designed as a car-free development with the space typically dedicated to cars given to community and greenery. The upscale residents love it:
"Schools, kindergartens, a farmer's market, a shopping center, a good store which sells organic products only, and a recreation area -- you name it, it's all in walking or cycling distance," resident Sabine Burgermeister said. "And it's a much better quality of life here than it is in downtown Freiburg. And if we need to go there, there's always the option to take the tramway."

The free tramway passes generously provided by the city of Freiburg are helping residents of Vauban to become less car-dependent....
Read the rest of the story at, of all places, ABC News.

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