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05/04/2007: "Black Gabardine Knickers on Sale"
I have a selection of Bicycle Fixation Classic Wool Gabardine Knickers on sale at 20% off on eBay right now. I've got the Hemp City Knickers coming in in a few weeks, and need to make room for inventory, and the black doesn't sell nearly as fast as the charcoal gray, so I figure the $20 off might help them along. If these sell out soon, I'll put the remainder up (including other sizes) next week.

I've really got to diversify in styles before I diversify in colors, so that's another reason to move the black out, and of course I need to finance the Hemp City Knickers.

So if you like black wool knickers, buy them now! I probably won't produce them again for a couple of years, since there's a good bunch of projects in the pipeline I need to make room for.

Not seconds, not irregulars, just first quality fine black gabardine bicycling knickers for $79.00 plus shipping.

See them now on eBay!

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