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04/27/2007: "First Test Cut"
Okay, folks, I'm wearing the first test cut of the Bicycle Fixation Hemp Blend City Knickers right now, and have been wearing them on and off the bike for about three days now.

They're NICE! Not as light feeling as the gabardines, but casual-comfy without being sloppy looking in the least. And they feel tough!

I'll be putting a lot of miles on them tomorrow, with meetings and obligations spread out all over town, and I'm looking forward to the rides.

This first sample has cargo pockets, which will NOT be on the production models. No one--not the iBOBs, not the shop owners, not the customers I buttonholed in the various bike shops--wants cargo pockets. And I don't either; my contractor wanted to try them on the pants, and they look nice, but they just get in the way on a bike, and don't add much off the bike.

They do have an articulated knee, a drawstring hem on the leg (and you can throw away the drawstring if you don't want it; it'll look fine either way), adjustment tabs on the waistband in lieu of belt loops, and a fitted yet not strained line with a real nice drape.

Pictures soon, once I get a pair without cargo pockets.

Stay tuned!

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