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01/29/2007: "Bicycles, Fat, & Efficiency"
Worldwatch Institute, a superb source of environmental statistics, has published a chart correlating bicycle ownership (and use) and a variety of health and environmental indicators. Here's a sample:

Bicycles per 1,000 people in the United States (mid-1990s): 385
In Germany: 588
In the Netherlands: 1,000

Percent of adults that are obese in the United States (2003): 30.6
Percent in Germany: 12.9
Percent in the Netherlands: 10.0

Energy used per passenger-mile (calories):
  Auto: 1,860
  Bus: 920
  Rail: 885
  Foot: 100
  Bicycle: 35

To see the entire chart, or to browse their resources, go to:

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