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01/31/2007: "Knicker Price Drop"
Now that I have more of my production costs in hand, I've realized that I can in fact rescind a good bit of January's price increase on the Classic Wool Knickers. So I'm dropping my knickers!

They are now just $99.00, only four bucks more than the original price. And the new pocket lining is superior to the originals, which was plenty nice itself.

A little lower down, now, for news of socks: while I had thought my prospective sock supplier had been ignoring my calls, I found when I reached him today that in fact he had been having samples made, which I should see within a couple of weeks. So be ready for mid-weight, over-the-knee, wool-blend knicker socks soon! (And if you don't like them over the knee, you can just fold the cuff over and still look sharp.)

And I do believe I've solved a stubborn design problem on my self-cinching long pants--full-length dress pants for bicycling! I'll have to hie myself over to the sewing contractor and see whether she can make my prototypes any time soon.

As you can see, there's a lot going on here. So keep in touch--when you're not out on your bike, that is!

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