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12/25/2006: "Auroville--a New Car-Free Development in India"
Just received notice of this evolving car-free city in India. To quote architect-planner Lalit Kishor Bhati of Auroville:
We have about 2000 people from over 40 countries living here. It is interesting to observe that with such a small population base what all inspiring, innovative sustainable development works have been done and is being done.
As their website notes:
Cars and other motorised vehicles are the cause of serious environmental, social and aesthetic problems. Among other things, they kill street life, foster urban sprawl, contribute to noise and air pollution, and are inefficient users of scarce energy resources.

Better alternatives are available....
The project has been growing and developing since 1968, with an emphasis on progressive sustainability. It bears watching, especially since the United States has been mostly sitting on its hands when it comes to nurturing sustainable and neighborly communities. Read more at

And here's a direct link to their page concerning access & mobility.

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