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12/23/2006: "Almost There...."
Those of you suffering Knicker Deprivation, take heart! The last few buttons are being sewn on even as I type, and we'll begin delivering orders next week.

I was hoping it would happen a bit sooner, but if nothing else I've learned not to schedule production runs in December. There will be another production run in mid-January, so those of you who don't get your knickers next week won't have long to wait.

No longer than I will, at least: since the first run's nearly sold out, I won't have a pair for myself till then! That's what I get for having the median waist size....

New product development begins in January too: knicker variations, the James Black Hat, a dressy bike jersey, printed T-shirts, maybe long pants too. Keep an eye on us. We're gonna make bicycle commuting (and commuters) irresistible!

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