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10/24/2006: "Good Company"
Good ride home last night, and not just because the air was sweet and clear at the end of a warm autumn day...though it was great to be out on the bike, where I could seee the whole sky, the light declining from indigo overhead to a transparent flame color in the west, and smell the soft spice odors of chaparral blown down from the mountains on a mild Santa Ana wind....

It was particularly comforting to see lots of other bicyclists riding home at the same time. Some were sidewalk riders, some were obviously the working poor thatkeep America profitable, squeaking along on resurrected Huffies and the like, but many were people who would otherwise be driving. One fellow had a bike (I couldn't tell what kind) equipped with what looked like Gilles Berthoud fenders and leather mudflap, another (not very friendly fellow) was on a nice fixie; there was a good-looking road bike and a more sensible than usual ATB. Most people running lights, riding in traffic, as traffic. The way it ought to be.

Then, as I neared home, I passed a bunch of orthodox Jewish kids rowdily riding home from shul. I've noticed that a certain number of those kids keep riding long after they grown out their beards and become men according to Jewish law....

Encouraging sights, here in LA, at Ground Zero of Carmageddon. It's been getting better every year for the last half-decade or so. Slowly, but getting better....

Let's keep it up.

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