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10/21/2008: "Truly Crazy Bikes, 1937-1943"
If you think tallbikes are wacky, you're way behind the curve. This compilation, apparently from Eastern europe though part of the narration is in German, displays the astounding inventiveness of bicycle builders and tinkerers from the era just before and during World War Two.

Recumbents, tallbikes, taller-than-tallbikes; tandems, triplets, quads, quints, and more; handbikes, unicycles, porteurs; trailers; a tallbike incorporating a working seamstress at her sewing fact damn near anything on wheels that can be powered by human muscle, in a diversity far beyond anything we see these days.

A few circus-type bike tricksters as well--all great fun.

Many thank to Bruce Wilson for sending us the link!

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