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Winding Down
Wed, 17 Aug 2016 21:46:34 -0800
I suppose I have to accept that I am winding down this blog. I will keep posting irregularly, especially news of Bicycle Fixation Clothing, if there is any, but I will end the posting of links to my blog posts for Orange 20 Bikes and Flying Pigeon LA. I suggest that anyone who has been following this blog as a link to those two local bike shop blogs please sign on to the Bicycle Fixation Twitter account, which is quite busy. You will find it at @BicycleFixation.

Anyone interested in my personal writing—short stories and novels—please sign on to @CrowTreeBooks on Twitter.

If you really want postings to continue here in a bigger way, go to the Comments page (link at left) and let me know. If I get enough "votes," I'll keep it going.

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