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03/26/2014: "Becoming Normal"
Yesterday, as I rode the three or so miles of Fourth Street between LA's Miracle Mile and eh Larchmont area, where I turned north towards my eventual goal of South Pasadena, I again noted that, as usual, there were more cyclists than motorists on that road.

On the way back I had to stop in Downtown to drop off a kitchen knife at Ross Cutlery, and heading west form there I decided to take busy Wilshire Boulevard from around Vermont back to my home turf. And despite Wilshire being presently rather unfriendly to bicyclists—narrow lanes, heavy traffic, impatient drivers—nearly every sidewalk bike rack along those four or five miles was full. Not a few parking meter poles hosted bikes as well.

And Wilshire will become a little more friendly to velos, at least during rush hour, when the BRT lanes open soon. These will be rush-hour-only bus lanes (Metro's Rapids carry 25% more people along the corridor morning and evening than all the private cars combined)—and they will be open to cyclists.

As it was, the construction zones, where a lane or two was dug up or occupied by heavy equipment, sported "Bicycles May Use Full Lane" signs, a definite step forward that the city decided to take only a short while ago.

Looks as though cycling in LA is becoming normal, in spite of difficult conditions and a half-hearted officialdom.

Feels pretty good!

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