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04/11/2013: "Olive Knicker Socks"
They're back, by popular demand! We just ordered a new run of our famous Knicker Socks, and took the opportunity to bring back the Olive color, which we haven't carried for a couple of years.

These are as comfortable, durable, and good-looking as our standard Charcoal version, and go well with any color of our knickers you may have of obtain, as well as most other folks' knickers. Dressy yet, tough, warm yet easy-breathing, and made to our design by The Sock Guy—who have been making cycling socks for a long time—in a US factory.

They keep the sun or the cold off your shins, and even provide a little bit of compression to keep your blood flowing while you spin the pedals. Yet they coddle you so gently that some folks sleep in them!

So click on over and get yourself a pair or two to go with your cycling knickers, and complete your look!

Don't have knickers yet? No problem! Check out our Classic Wool Knickers (limited sizes for the moment) or our brand-new City Slicker Knickers (available in sizes from 30 to 42 while supplies last).

Look Good, Feel Good, Ride Happy!

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