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04/08/2013: "Road Rash"
Well, it was my turn turn to fall-down-go-boom.

I was riding through an old warehouse district east of the river, which has railroad tracks embedded in the pavement. I cut one track at a bit too shallow an angle, caught my wheel, and went sliding down. Fortunately I have practiced falling, both mentally and in real life, and the landing was soft, resulting in only a skinned knee (and some skinned bar tape). Didn't bump my head in the slightest (extended my arm as a cushion, even though I had a helmet on at the time, as I 'd far rather hurt my arm than my head). Didn't even feel startled or anxious.

I can't blame the tracks. Indeed, I have crossed those same tracks many dozens of time without incident, and nothing had changed, except that I was a bit more inattentive, and perhaps a bit more cocky, than usual.

Eternal vigilance, as they say, is the price of freedom.

A minor incident, but a good tonic against complacency.

My pal Eric W. who was riding behind me may have caught it on video, if his camera was working. If that's the case, I'll post it later to embarrass myself publicly. That should help me remember!

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