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06/22/2012: "Merino T-Shirt Available Now!"
Our All-Merino V-Neck T-Shirt is available at last!

True, we had to use me as a model, which will probably reduce initial sales, but I promise you that better-looking models should appear within a week or two. We just wanted to make this available as soon as we could, and that meant using your ancient editor in front of the camera.

I've been wearing prototypes for months now, through summer heat and winter chill, through rain and wind and over hills, and it is just plain wonderful: comfortable in all weathers, and better-looking than a t-shirt has a right to be. Pays well with others too: you can use it as part of a layering scheme, with a light button shirt over it in fall or spring, or sweaters, jackets, or wool jerseys in the winter.

Just click here to check it out and order one for yourself today.

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