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03/27/2012: "Inventive Inventory"
Just a reminder that we now have a good stock of our latest Bicycle Fixation Classic Wool Knickers and more, the perfect match for springtime rides to the bistro, the bar, or anywhere on the horizon that your front wheel wants to lead you.

This season's colors are Soft Black, a classic go-anyplace, match-anything choice, with a beautiful drape as always, and Olive Brown, a slightly lighter weave in a warm, slightly heathered hue that's hard to describe but easy to love.

We also have plenty of Knicker Socks to go with them, as well as the James Black Hat, and a few of our casual City Knickers v2.0 (almost sold out).

Plus odds and ends such a Kookaburra Wash, great for woolens or anything else, and our twist-grip Wring-Ring Bell from the Netherlands.

See 'em all right in our Shopping Cart.

Look Good, Feel Good, Ride Happy!

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