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09/19/2011: "A Different Kind of Roundabout"

Gina and I were bopping all around town on a Metro day pass last Saturday (including a visit with Greg Townsend to confer about her upcoming custom randonneuse), when we decided to make a quick stop at ArtCyle in East Hollywood.

ArtCycle is a one-day street opening that moves cars off a stretch of Santa Monica Boulevard between Vermont and Hillhurst and frees it for use by cyclists, artists, food trucks, crafts and tradespeople, kids, local residents, and visitors from all around the neighborhood and all around the city. It's only a few steps from a Metro Red Line stop too.

ArtCycle includes a number of art and architecture themed bike tours as well.

We got there a little too early for the big fun, but there was still a lot to see--including the best use of old bike frames we've ever encountered. Click on the video to take a look, and see if you don't agree that the contraption is both unutterably charming and a great way to get kids thrilled about riding.

Highlight of our day!

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