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03/20/2011: "All Kinds of Rain"
It's been a day of all kinds of rain, from drizzles to downpours, starting before dawn. I didn't do a big ride today, but instead had the pleasure of rolling around with Gina, pedaling up 4th Street to Larchmont, then back to our neighborhood to Trader Joe's, then over to the Farmers market on Third for a canning jar and some vegetables. (We parked at the adjacent Grove, however, as their array of bike racks is inside the parking garage, making the lockup and transition to pedestrianism easier.)

So, while we were enjoying our coffee at Larchmont, Gina snapped a couple of iPhone shots of the bikes waiting patiently in the rain outside:

milkie_rain_GSM (84k image)bambi_rain_GSM (80k image)

Gina's been much more enthusiastic about rain riding since she got her stylish new rubber boots!

The capes kept us dry even under torrents of heavy rain...though Gina's is just adequate, and a trifle cumbersome, and will be replaced soon. My feet got wet, though; I envied Gina those rubber boots by the time we got home!

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