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02/12/2011: "No Comparison"
With Los Angeles preparing to install its first public bike corral next week, I figured it was time to pair up these two photos I took recently:

Spatial Efficiency

On the left side you have a parking lot in downtown Los Angeles. occupying some of the most valuable land in the county. The front row, as you can see, has room for about fourteen cars. The space around the cars is bleak and empty, and it's a long way to the nearest building entrance.

On the right you have a bike corral on 3rd Street in downtown Portland. It has room for twenty-four bikes. It's right next to an accommodating sidewalk, and no spot in it is more than a few steps from numerous store entrances. The Main Street feel of this very urban downtown is supported, not destroyed, by accommodating cyclists instead of drivers, and the space delivers more customers per square foot than car parking can ever hope to do.

Just sayin'!

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