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12/20/2010: "Downtown Drizzle"
My Bottecchia

Anjac Alley
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Okay, alliteration be damned, it was not a drizzle but a strong, steady rain I rode through all this morning taking care of business. Up Fourth Street and over to Seventh, my usual route, to deliver three meters of wonderful knit merino to the factory office. (That's where I took the photos of my bike and the adjacent alley).

This wool is for samples of a new cycling-specific T-shirt we're hoping to make in Spring. It will be warm in the cool, cool in the heat, keep the sun off you pretty well, and be tailored so that even riders who prefer an aggressive pose won't find themselves doing the plumber-pants trick, while upright sorts will still be comfy and creaseless. it will be on the snug side, but the hand indicates a lithe stretch to it that will mean pure comfort. Can't wait to try the samples! though with the holidays coming I will probably have to wait till next year. Early next year, of course....

That done, I rode over to East Hollywood to Arax Bakery, a little hole-in-the-wall on santa Monica Boulevard (not far from Orange 20, whom I blog for on Mondays), for some of the most wonderful filled breads in probably several universes. No website for Arax; you'll have to find them on your own.

Back into the rain (under my Carradice Pro Route rain cape, of course), and home, where Gina warmed up some of the Arax goodies and made some of her special recipe hot chocolate...just right for rainy days!

About fifteen or sixteen miles in all. And only my feet, chin, and ears got wet.

If i lived anyplace else, I'd get some rain spats, but our rainy season is so short here, I just put up with wet shoes. No big deal.

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