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09/20/2010: "Coasting Downtown"
And it's the only coasting I've done in months, or really years.

woolcart (84k image)This is the cart I borrowed from my wool broker to transport a couple hundred yards of delicious wool gabardine over to the factory about a mile away through the bumpy, busy, bustling streets of the "Fashion District"--which I still call the "Garment District" in my mind. I detoured along the way to pick up some trims as well, and it all would have been great fun if the front axle of the thing hadn't kept slipping out of its journal.

As the rolls of cloth kept piling up, and the cart kept getting heavier, the task of re-inserting the axle became more and more tedious. Every time I stopped for another item I'd borrow a hammer from the shopkeeper.

When I got back to the wool broker's I pulled the multi-tool out of my bike's saddlebag and did a quick repair to it. Too late for me, but what the hell.

This is for another project I'm doing for Clever Cycles up in Portland, a spiffed-up successor to their Belmont Stealth Pantaloons, which we also made. Keep an eye on this spot (and on Clever's website) for details, once they're sewn up.

I'm also very glad to say that at one of my suppliers, where not a single employee arrived by bike four years ago when I started this business, there are now three workers who commute by bike. Saw two fixies and a comfort bike parked by the door, and spoke with two of the riders. Things are looking better in LA! Bit by bit....

Tomorrow I'll be swinging by there again, after my ride to South Pasadena, for a few more pants bits...and then it's all over but the sewing.

For now!

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