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08/14/2010: "Town & Country Shorts on Sale"
It's time to clear out our stock of hemp blend Town & Country Shorts, the toughest and certainly the most stylish hiking and biking shorts you're ever likely to find.

Eco-friendly hemp blended with polyester made from recycled beverage bottles give you a clean and comfy fabric that just lasts and lasts, and our cut works great on bike or off, with plenty of practical, handsome pockets. Wear them with plain underwear for brief rides (forgive the pun), or slip padded bike tights on underneath for "epic" rides.

There's still plenty of summer left so you can enjoy them this year--and you'll be enjoying year after year for years to come.

An excellent product, one of our favorites--but cashflow is calling during this recessionary year, so on sale they must go!

Just $56, stock on hand, and we won't make them again for at least a year--so get them while you can.

Bicycle Fixation Town & Country Shorts

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