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05/11/2010: "Fixie Ridin' Fool on a Hill"
That's me, that is...I rode the Bottecchia fixie up the hill to Harv's place this morning, to bum a handlebar off him and generally hang out--Harv and I have known each other some 35 years now. Just at the top I saw that the gate to the dirt roads around the transmission towers was open, so I rode out there to see whether there was anything camera-worthy--and I guess this shot qualifies:

Highland Park from Montecito Heights

That's Highland Park down there, and if you look real hard you might see both the Bike Oven, where Harv volunteers, and Flying Pigeon LA, where Bike Oven founder, cargo bike fan, and Grade-A #1 Choice local bike advocate Josef has set up shop.

And it does go to show you that one gear, late middle age, and hills can mix just fine, if yer crazy enough!

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