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03/08/2010: "The Lost Cyclist, by David Herlihy"
We have just posted a review of David V. Herlihy's newest book, The Lost Cyclist, an exposé of the mysteries--and political scandal--surrounding the disappearance of round-the-world cyclist Frank Lenz in 1894. A thorough and well-written account by the author of Bicycle: a History; it will be released soon.

Herlihy's story covers the state of bicycle culture at the time, the feats of other contemporary long-distance riders, Lenz's own early history as well as his trip, and the search for his remains, and for justice, by fellow cyclist William Sachtleben.

Mr. Herlihy was kind enough to provide an advance copy of the book to Bicycle Fixation, and we have just posted our review here.

It's not only a ripping good story but an engrossing document of the early days of practical cycling.

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