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11/21/2009: "Big Turnout for LA's First Tweed ride"
Put on my fanciest pair of knickers and rode out to Union Station to join LA's first Tweed Ride as mentioned a couple of times this week here. By the time we got rolling, there was at least a hundred riders, to my eye. Lots of folks in various styles of antique attire, lots in homemade stuff, a good number in Bicycle Fixation designs, and some folks in regular clothes. No spandex that I noted!

It was a slow and very genteel (ie, no CM-type hijinks) ramble crisscrossing most of Downtown, with stops to enjoy some of LA's classic Art Deco buildings, and lots of smiles from street and sidewalk both. A couple of skateboarders rolled along with us for several miles, and ragtime played from sound systems on two of the bikes.

We wound through a lot of heavy traffic, both wheeled and legged, and even passed right by the building where BF's contract factory lives. Broadway, Spring Street, the warehouse district, a little of Skid Row, and a touch of the LA River, where we rode through a tunnel to a spot under the 6th Street bridge.

Didn't have time to stop for drinks at the end, so John Vu and I headed west, he to a meeting in Echo park, and I to a meeting with Gina and a couple of photographer friends for beer and business--which we rode to, of course. (And by the way, without hurrying, Gina and I beat them to the restaurant from our place, where we'd first met--bikes vs. SUV in traffic! And they left first!)

I'll link to photos once I find out where they are. My guess is they won't be posted till tomorrow or later. But they ought to be pretty good. Props to for making it all happen!

Update, 22 November: And here are some photos, as promised, on CICLE's Facebook page and on Flickr.

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