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08/04/2009: "Makeshift Trailer"
Laundry Bike
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Well, I've always wanted to try a bike trailer, but I didn't expect it would be under such ridiculous circumstances!

We usually follow US tradition of doing our laundry on Mondays, but this week it didn't work out. Now, being hardcore, if I do the laundry, I walk the four blocks to the laundromat, sometimes with gina accompanying. If Gina goes alone, she'll usually drive the Mini Cooper, lately with the Dahon folder in it to do at least her errands carfree while the washers spin or the dryers tumble. Today, though, I was at Buster's, and the Mini's battery was dead, so she took the little photographer's cart we use for laundry in one hand, and Vivian the Nickel-Plated Miyata in the other, and hoofed it over.

I got a cellphone message while I was riding home and detoured to meet here at the laundromat--though she was off on the bike looking for French mayonnaise when I arrived.

In due time she arrived, the clothes dried, and we prepared to leave. I looked at the cart, and at the rather excessive length of fabric used as a drawstring for the laundry bag, and decided to improvise a trailer hitch so I wouldn't have to push my Bottecchia home.

Wasn't sure it would work, but it did! So I had Gina sprint ahead and snap a cellphone camera shot (on her iPhone, much better than my crappy phone) as I went by.

Solid wheels, a cloth hitch, and bungee cords...encouraging! If this was tolerable, a real trailer ought to work quite well, I suspect....

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