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07/09/2009: "A Cup of Cheer Indeed"
Michelle's HandiworkI took the opportunity provided by my promise to deliver Chuck's musettes to South Pasadena to carry them over on the Kronan city/cargo bike I'm road-testing, as I mentioned a few days ago. (I broker the production of the replica race musettes Chuck sells on his wonderful Velo Retro site.) Of course I had a little help from the Metro Rail system, as the Kronan is a more substantial bike than you want to ride on a forty-mile round trip, and more so with a big box on the front rack.

But despite the boost from light rail, I needed a bit of refreshment when I arrived at Buster's Coffee to meet Chuck. So I ordered up one of my usual soy hot chocolates and a scone to replace those lost calories.

And the Crappy Cellphone Picture shows you the clever detail Michelle, the barista, added to my cup of hot chocolate!

Really sweetened the day...I can see why Chuck loves South Pasadena so much. (It's a pretty and serene town as well as full of nice folks...and lots of bikes.)

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