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12/18/2008: "Bike Culture and the Future"
Superb article on Alternet exploring bike punk culture and its stand for sustainability--not just environmental but social as well, and healthy relationships throughout all our society. A couple of good quotes:
I think bikes are a positive response to almost everything that is wrong with American mainstream society today. Bikes are cheap, simple, and democratic and sexy in a very different way than riding around in a car. Bike transportation is about individuality but not about excess. Bikes are congenial and social. Bikes force us to be in our bodies and help us to know and love our bodies as they are. (Ted White)

[In] this bike subculture there's no person who is the best, who is winning, or getting the most money. It's a pretty equal community in that everyone can excel, but not have to be the top dog. (Robin Havens)
To read the entire article, go to Bikes Point the Way to a Sustainable Future.

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