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09/03/2008: "Two Out of Three Ain't Bad!"
Two of the three versions of our Four Season Jersey (AKA the Ninja Road Warrior Jersey) are now available for purchase through our shopping cart!

This brand-new design is available in 100% New Zealand merino wool in charcoal gray, with a limited supply in burnt orange as well; by next week we will also have, at a lesser price, a black version in a blend of hemp and organic cotton.

The jersey is cut for riding, with an extended tail and full-length zipper, and features a front breast pocket, a rear button pocket, and an integrated balaclava for the really cold days. The face covering of the balaclava can be left loose or buttoned back for gentler weather, or left to hang behind. Either way the jersey looks trim and dashing!

It's been a long time coming, so take a look now--we ordered only seventy pieces in total, and many of the orange have already sold.


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