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04/29/2008: "Batavus Cargo Bike in Los Angeles"
Stopped by Hel-Mel today--that's Heliotrope & Melrose, AKA the "Bicycle District," AKA the home of Orange 20 Bikes, Pure Luck vegan cyclist's pub, Scoops (the world's best ice cream), and the place that got it all rolling, the Bicycle Kitchen!

I was there for lunch & ice cream, but when I saw TJ hauling this Dutch cargo bike out the door of Orange 20, I had to go bother him about it, even though they weren't officially open yet. From Batavus, it sports a chaincase, three-speed internally-geared hub, built-in generator lighting, fenders, and a big old porteur-style rack in front to complement the heavy-duty rear rack--all for around a thousand bucks, which is a pretty good deal these days:

batavus_cargo_bike (279k image)

Definitely something we need to see more of in Los Angeles! If you're local, check it out at Orange 20, or go to their website at for more pictures.

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