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02/08/2008: "Not Quite What I Expected"
Yesterday, the cell phone rang, and it was a police officer calling to take a report on my very modest hit-and-run sideswiping of January 23rd. After I got home, I had written a letter to the captain of Central Traffic, expecting that their response would be the usual nothing. So I am happy to report that the LAPD did call back, and did take a report, and did say that detectives would call me "in a few weeks."

If the driver had apologized, I wouldn't have bothered writing the letter. My shoulder was a bit sore for a week and a half, and I had a tiny cut on my ankle, and that was it. But she not only refused to apologize, but was indignant that I should expect her to!

And the cops really don't like hit-and-run drivers.

Of course there's no hard evidence, so nothing further is likely to happen. But when she does hit someone hard enough to hurt them or their vehicle--be it another car, or one of us or someone just trying to cross the street--her plate will be on record. It'll count.

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