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01/14/2008: "A New Cap Campaign...or Is That Campaign Cap?"
After the most ridiculous concatenation of contretemps we've encountered since dipping into design of biking clothes, we've finally released our limited-quantity little fun hat, the Calot de Campagne.

We took a Bundeswehr-surplus garrison cap, ordered up some Bicycle Fixation logo patches, ripped out the original insignia, and had our faithful sewing factory stitch (and heat seal as well) our wheel-and-lotus symbol in its place.

Just the logo, folks, no URL, no company name, no viral marketing angle; like the separate patches, these are here just to express the joy and harmony of cycling. And to cover your head and look cool too.

We've got only about seventy of these, and when they're gone they're gone, and they're not a bit expensive, so get ahold of one and put it on your head!

The Bicycle Fixation Calot de Campagne. It's even aero...!

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