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05/14/2007: "New Issue of Carfree Times"
The latest issue of J. H. Crawford's Carfree Times features an extended article on Röthelheimpark in Erlangen, Germany, a new development designed to be almost entirely carfree. A quote:
There is a large shopping center on the northern edge of the district which is reachable by bike within minutes. Some residents say their car often stands unused for weeks. Nevertheless many of them seem not to care about the high costs of owning a car (even an idle one), which shows that Röthelheimpark is generally a place of medium- and higher-wage families. Many people do seem to be interested in car sharing/pooling, however.

The new residential area was not planned from the start as a carfree district. If this had been the case, then there would almost certainly have been opposition from the beginning, as has been the case with other German cities. As a high density built environment most streets in Röthelheimpark are much narrower than usual, allowing cars to pass through but not to be parked since they would hinder any other vehicle (including ambulances and fire trucks).
Also included are articles on a new fully carfree development in Abu Dhabi, and articles on freight trams, the ethanol scam, and more. Richly illustrated with photos.

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