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03/13/2007: "Detrain into the L.A. Night."
"The comfort of San Jose ended on Sunday at 11:30am when we boarded the Coast Starlight. Four hours after our scheduled arrival, we un-boxed our rigs and mounted up for home. From the train station, at 2am, Rick and I rode in the balmy 65 degree night, dodging the meandering homeless and night-shifters, braving endless pot holes and street crevasses, gliding by the 'bad boys' on the blocks. The moon hung in the sky--a blind eye."

"Later that day we rode a few miles to one of our favorite little corners (Heliotrope and Melrose) which has Bicycle Kitchen, Orange 20 Bicycles, and 'Scoops,' the coolest little ice cream shop. The street is gritty, the neighbors, dicy. 'Yo! S'up?' The weather 80+. Our hood."

-- I couldn't think of a better way to conclude the account of our trip than this, an excerpt from my letter to a friend. -Gina

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