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10/31/2006: "Intentional Hit & Run on Cyclist in LA; Cops Don't Care, So Let's Make Them Care"
LA cyclist Lars Lehtonen reports this intentional assault on his girlfriend, cycling activist Jen Diamond, Sunday morning in Los Angeles:
According to the statement of witnesses, a driver intentionally hit Jen Diamond, my girlfriend, in the early hours of Sunday morning. Los Angeles Police still haven't done anything about it. Jen is a former bike messenger, Bikesummer organizer, and AIDS-Ride participant.

Please repost. This isn't about raising some nebulous concept like "cycling awareness," this is about making government fulfill its obligations to citizens. We live in Los Angeles Council District 13, where the incident took place. Call Councilman Eric Garcetti's field office and ask why the police haven't done anything: (323) 957-4500. The office of LAPD Chief Bratton can be reached at (213) 485-3202. I can be reached by pager at (800) 310-4063, or email Case number 061125924.
For full information, photos, and a video, see Lars's blog entry.

Send it to LA council members and newspapers, post on coffeehouse bulletin boards, talk to neighbors, colleagues, strangers, anything. Otherwise it's open season on transportational cyclists here. Justice must be done.

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