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05/08/2014: "Offsite Blogging CLXVIII"
I loaded comments on the North Figueroa bike lane project in Northeast Los Angeles onto both blogs today, though with different takes on each. The newly-elected council member, Gill Cedillo, is holding a meeting tomorrow night in an effort to persuade residents that speeding traffic is a wonderful thing, and that all cyclists, pedestrians, and neighborhood businesses should get is some lousy sharrows, and be grateful for them.

This is a sad sate of affairs, since the neighborhood suffers from the bleak speedway that its main street has become, and the council member is inexplicably holding back the 'hood's likely revitalization.

If you have any interest in real neighborhoods, which even Los Angeles deserves, read them both. And if you live or own property or a business anywhere near North Figueroa, in Highland Park or Cypress Park, please show up….

On Orange 20's blog: Street or Slaughterhouse? Fight to Salvage North Fig's Bike Lanes!

On Flying Pigeon LA's blog: Your Life, Health, and Prosperity Are at Stake

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