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08/14/2013: "Joyous Annoyance"
This morning, while on the way to Santa Monica for a client meet, I stopped by Cedars-Sinai, the hospital that houses the neurology clinic that I visit every few months to verify that I am in fact still alive after my tiny but disquieting stroke last year.

The clinic had moved to a shiny new building, one that looked something like a cross between a Tokyo luxury hotel and a set for the kind of science-ficiton movie that invariably uses electronic dance music for background sound. I rolled into the spacious entry tunnel and past the valet parking staff—who reside in a glass-and-chrome cage, believe it or not—and was dismayed to find that there was no bike parking.

But I was even happier than I was dismayed, for there was no bike parking because every single one of the long row of highly-polished stainless steel bike racks was occupied—with not one but two bikes each!

There were bike lockers as well, but they were for employees only. So I parked at a dusty black wave rack behind some shrubbery a half a block away and walked back to where I was to pick up a couple of prescription slips.

Which had been lost, but that's another story….

So, not only did this fancypants hospital include bike parking, they put it right across from the main entrance, and…people are using it!

That's a joyous annoyance indeed.

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