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07/07/2013: "Dented Bottecchia Update"
Several folks who had read on this blog about the Bambina, my Bottecchia fixie which I dote upon so much, had been moderately mashed by a truck while parked on the sidewalk have asked after her, so, here is an update:

Though the downtube will carry a dent in it pretty much forever, the frame, according to Wes Oishi, is sound. We rode today with the old front wheel and a worn-out Marathon, and completed the Vélo Rétro Rose Bowl Vintage Ride—twenty-filve miles. some hills, plus some additional mileage on the way out and back—with no problems at all.

Wes will finish rebuilding the dyno hub front wheel in a week or so, and then Bambi will be back to spec. The bill will go to the owner of the truck.

As for the dent, I won't worry about it. I carry a few dents myself.

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