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06/24/2013: "Summer CicLAvia"
Yesterday, Los Angeles liberated six miles of Wilshire Boulevard for the year's second CicLAvia, a celebration of human-powered movement that drew tens of thousands to bicycle, walk, skate, dance, or otherwise move cleanly, quietly, and happily down a corridor normally jammed with heavy metal, smoke, and noise.

Tagged as "Iconic Wilshire Boulevard," this month's event drew attention to the street's collection of classic buildings, from Art Deco to Modernist to International Style, as well as the plethora of galleries and museums clustered in the Miracle Mile, at the western terminus.

The day began soft, grey, and cool, with the sun coming out around noon but never becoming harsh, and every visage looked relaxed and happy.

Naturally, I took some pictures, though mostly I just enjoyed riding along with Gina and a few thousand others. (Looks as though the area's merchants enjoyed the day too!)

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