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10/24/2011: "Bicycling, Economies, and Thinking Outside the Metal Box"
Let me recommend two excellent articles centered on bicycling and the economy which I came upon while searching for Twitter fodder this morning:

From Elly Blue, writing in Grist, comes "Tearing down urban freeways to make room for a new bicycle economy," with plenty of hard numbers on the financial and civic futility of addressing congestion with freeways:

Read it here.

And from Jay Walljasper, writing for Planetizen, we have "The surprising rise of Minneapolis as a top bike town," examining how this frigid heartland city is moving from car-addiction to accommodating human-powered travel despite traumatic winters, sprawl, and recession (some intersections see more bike than car traffic, and have been rebuilt to reflect that):

Read it here.

Regarding winter, I find it odd that people who will cross-country ski without a second thought, will think that cycling (with studded tires), a physiologically almost identical activity, is "impossible" in the same weather, wearing the same clothes.... Though Bicycle FIxation does sell a lot of our knickers to folks who in fact engage in both activities.

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