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07/28/2011: "Offsite Blogging XXIII"
Quite a bit of news this week! Things are shuffling ahead for cyclists in LA--despite the usual NIMBY pushbacks....

At Orange 20 I talk about LA's new anti-harassment ordinance, with extensive quotes from the LAPD's bicycle liaison officer, Sgt. David Krumer, setting mouth-foaming motorists straight on cyclists' rights; see Common Decency Now Has Some Bite!

And at Flying Pigeon LA, I cover the efforts of a tiny minority of Hancock Park residents to ward off installation of traffic controls at two extremely busy intersections on the coming 4th Street Bicycle Boulevard. Read how Hancock Park Strikes Back!, and what you can do about it if you're an LA resident.

Two exclamation-pointed titles! I told you it had been a busy bike news week....

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