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07/22/2011: "And Some "Cycle Chic" on the Side...."
Here's a bit of circumstantial "cycle chic" from LA: Gina coming home from a bike/bus trip to a business meeting in Century City. A quick pedal to the Third Street Farmers Market to park the bike and catch the bus--which also gave her the chance pick up some groceries on the way back. Saved her a frustrating drive and expensive parking.

Gina riding home from a meeting

Note how her Po Campo briefcase/pannier (bought at Flying Pigeon LA, one of Bicycle Fixation's retailers and the site of my Wednesday LA bike news blogging) fit handily onto the front of her basket using the clever rack mount straps!

Here's a close-up:

PoCampoBagBasket (167k image)

Other cycling high-technology employed for this "difficult" (to the US mindset) multi-modal trip in car-centric LA: one spring-steel British-style pants clip, purchased for about a dollar around twenty years ago.

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