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07/05/2011: "Cycling Mobility June Issue"
I recently received my copy of the new bike planning quarterly Cycling Mobility. I'll admit that my first interest was to see how my own article looked, especially as the photos as well as text were mine...but that done, I perused the rest of the magazine, and once again, i was impressed--almost pleasantly shocked!--at how good both the printing and the editing are.

It is one of the most visually handsome magazines I see, and the collection of articles--leaving aside my prejudice towards my own contribution--is stunning.

A partial sampling:
I haven't provided links because the magazine's online presence is limited, as it is a serious subscription-only planning journal--and the subscription is pricey.

But if you can afford it for yourself--or write it off as a journalist, planner, advocate, or whatever--you will find it well worth the money.

Sample article synopses (by the way, their blogs are free to view) at, or subscribe to their excellent Twitter feed at @cyclingmobility

If you work in or out of government to promote practical cycling, this is a valuable resource.

And satisfying to read through too!

Note: There is an online facsimile of the print version here, but it doesn't include quite everything, and the paper version is much more satisfying.

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