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05/03/2011: "Twice Green Shopping"
Bikes at West Hollywood Farmers Market
Click for bigger image
Yesterday morning we rolled, as we usually do on Mondays, to the West Hollywood Farmers' market in Plummer Park.

It was a bicycle morning in LA, no doubt: we encountered a number of cyclists on the way--including a very cheery looking gal whose bike was clad in plaid bags and wooden fenders--and a number of folks were trolling their bikes along as they browsed the stalls at the market itself.

Not quite sure why, as there are plenty of railings by the tennis courts to lock up to if you don't want to use the park's racks (which are rather far from the market)--those are our bikes in the background of the photo, with a pair of elegantly-spec'd singlespeeds in front. The only camera we had was Gina's iPhone, but if you look closely you can see the baguettes strapped to the luggage carrier of one of the bikes. (We favor panniers and baskets for this task.)

The owners sauntered up with more comestibles as Gina shot the image, and we compared bikes for a little while.

Then it was off to the local health food store and the Third Street Farmers Market, a seven-day-a-week institution that's been purveying fresh grub to the populace since the mid-Thirties.

Rolling "green" to shop for greens--a good start to the week in Los Angeles.

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