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04/30/2011: "Beyond Freeways"
Let me refer our readers to an article of mine in our sister publication, The New Colonist, once more talking up the GRID project as an alternative to the 710 freeway expansion--and perhaps to the entire freeway. It's called, Start Making Sense: Beyond Freeways, and the project in question includes a bikeway as well as TOD, river restoration, and electrified freight and passenger rail. It'll be mighty nice if we can pull it off.

There's also an article by Syed Saiful Alam wondering why Dhaka (Bangladesh) keeps trying to ban cycle rickshaws when they are both popular and efficient...see Banning Common Sense: Dhaka and Its Cycle Rickshaws.

We have over a thousand articles online at The New Colonist, so cruise the front page, browse the blog, dig into the'll be well-rewarded!

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