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04/10/2011: "CicLAvia Once More..."
Friday we took Amtrak down to San Diego for the custom bike show there, and I'll write it up later, for there are about four hundred photos to process first.

But for a nice little digestif, today Gina and I rode LA's second CicLAvia, a street opening modeled after Bogotá's famous ciclovias of some thirty years' standing.

Three decades of precedent or not, it's a "radical" idea for Los Angeles, to ban cars from just seven and a half miles of roadway so that the streets can transport tens of thousands of people cleanly, sociably, and efficiently for a change.

I doubt that the route had ever moved so many human beings in so short a time!

And this time a number of merchants who closed up shop last year, fearing that no cars meant no customers, smartened up: a hundred thousand or more happy cyclists rolling slowly by your store might turn out to be good for sales...I blogged this earlier today at Orange 20; you can read it there.

Suffice to say that it was again a wonderful, exhilarating, sociable several hours, enjoyable in every sense.

I hope these two snapshots convey some of the feeling:

April 2011 CicLAvia, 4th St. Bridge

Aril 2011 cicLAvia, 7th Street downtown

More to come soon!

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