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02/08/2011: "Salad Days"
Rode up Harv's Hill to visit him today, and the ride reminded me how beautiful that climb is during the SoCal spring--which, in this desert climate, is in mid-winter, since that's when it rains. (By May much of the region's foliage will be a desiccated crackly brown.)

The image below is but a tiny sample of the sweetest mile in North East Los Angeles. I picked this spot not because it outshone all others, but because I wanted to pick nasturtium leaves for the supper we just finished here at Bicycle Fixation HQ.

Nasturtiums on Harv's Hill, Winter 2011

This is a time of year when you want both to ride faster and see what's next, and ride slower to savor what is already beside you. Great ride, and a great visit with my old friend too.


More good news: while riding through Chinatown on the way to Harv's Hill, and on the way to the Garment District on my way back, I saw that LADOT had stenciled bike rack placement markers all up and down Hill and Broadway. As you know, I've been grumping about the lack of bicycle parking in Chinatown for a while now. I raised the issue with LADOT's Oliver Hou, and he promised to review the possibilities for adding racks (there presently being exactly none).

Well, I guess he did: I counted nearly twenty markers for future racks, and I looked at only one side each of Hill and Broadway, as I didn't have time to dismount and count, and couldn't see the stencils on the far sidewalk.

So Chinatown will soon be a little more bicycle-friendly--thank you, Oliver and LADOT!

Now, to get some racks placed inside Central and West plazas, which are apparently not city-owned...I haven't yet been able to find out who does own them, but I'll let you know when I do.

Gung hei fat choi!

And my usual reminder: if you want to call in sidewalk racks for your favorite store, shop, restaurant, or other business in the City of Los Angeles, just go to LADOT's rack request form.

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