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09/21/2010: "Way to Go, Atwater!"
I mentioned recently that, thanks in part to my nagging, our own Miracle Mile received twelve new bike racks.

Now, on my way to Northeast LA to stop at Café de Leche before looping round to downtown on garment biz, I saw that Atwater--poor gray little Atwater!--has been graced with a good number of new bike racks as well.

And, despite my gentle mockery, I have to say that Atwater Village has been turning its once-dreary commercial strip along Glendale Boulevard into a very pleasant place to shop, eat, and hang out, with a number of clever restaurants and comfy cafés and bakeries opening in recent years.

It was once served by a branch of LA's famous and much-lamented Red Car railway, which was sacrificed to the God of Carmageddon. Maybe now our city's burgeoning bike culture will help revive its dormant spirit.

Congratulations, Atwater, and my compliments to whoever put the bike-rack bug in LADOT's ear--or to LADOT directly if they thought of it themselves.

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