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09/04/2010: "Rackin' 'Em Up"
A while ago, I mentioned that LADOT's Carlos Morales had marked out spots for new bike parking racks on Wilshire boulevard at my request.

Well, I'm glad to say a big "Thank You" to Carlos now, as the racks have arrived only a few weeks later (mere seconds in bureaucratic time)--twelve new racks, plus a damaged rack replaced. Here's one below:

johnnies_rack (89k image)

There were only six racks in this stretch of Wilshire before--the eastern half of Miracle Mile between La Brea and Curson--and more and more people have been riding here on their bikes to eat, shop, work, whatever. So, although there are still blank spots--no racks for the Ralphs market or the Rite-Aid--we're a lot better off than we were before.

There is a bike corral at the office building at 5750, but that's on private property for tenants and guests only, and of course is far from most of the restaurants, stores, and shops. So we really needed this.

Thanks again, Carlos and LADOT!

Since Carlos is leaving for another agency, I'll think of this as his LADOT testament--a fine parting gift to the mid-city cycling world.

Ride 'em in, lock 'em up, and let's party!

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